© 2011 Durham Events Wide angle photograph of Wynyard Hall

Wynyard Hall Wedding

Wide angle photograph of Wynyard Hall

Wynyard Hall wedding DJ supply

One of the great things about running an events company is you often find yourself in some pretty amazing spots, albeit for a short period of time while you set up a massive soundsystem, but nevertheless it was still nice to be at Wynyard Hall in County Durham yesterday to set up for a wedding (in between the heavy rain at least!). This wedding was packed with youthful guests who wanted a premium DJ to play the kind of set you would hear in better nightclubs around the world, and of course if you’re having a DJ play proper club music you need your sound equipment to be able to perform like a club soundsystem! This setup easily meets that criteria for indoor parties with up to 3-500 people


Durham Events supplied their medium size PA with top of the range Pioneer CDJ1000s and a DJM800 mixer with a dedicated monitor speaker for the DJs who were using laptops controlled by the CDJs.


The PA equipment was:

2 x DVA s09 Bass Speakers

2 x DB Technologies Flexsys F12

1 x DB Flexsys F10 monitor

2 x Flightcased Pioneer CDJ1000 mk 3 & a DJM 800 mixer

1 x DJ stand (accommodates the DJ kit and the LED disco lights

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