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Inflatable Marquee

Event Marquees

A quick to set up marquee to be used on events of all kinds

Marquees are available in all shapes and sizes these days, but this one must at least be the fastest to setup and tear down out there. Assembly time on this is around 20 minutes and it covers a huge area, perfect for garden parties, shows, festivals, weddings and all kinds of events. When you need something to provide cover in a short space of time this has to be the best option.

These structures also look great at night as the hollow air chambers allow light to glow inside them, making for a spectacular object if paired with LED up-lighters (also available for hire). See the shot below for an example of the marquee with 2 x American DJ Theatrix Pro high power LED lights illuminating either side.

Inflatable Marquee night shot

Inflatable Marquee night shot


Designed to allow air to blow through it (thus requiring less anchoring to keep it in place) there are 2 identical inflatable & fast to assemble marquees available. Prices start from £450 depending on location/ access/ travel costs and of course time of year.

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