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Crastonbury 2011

Cuban Brothers at Crastonbury

The Cuban Brothers Rock Crastonbury 2011

Los Hermanos Cubanos, aka The Cuban Brothers were the headline act at this year’s Crastonbury festival and blew away the audience with Kengo, Miguel & Archerio’s dance routines and massive tunes.

Crastonbury festival 2011

Crastonbury festival 2011 flyer


This event saw Durham events supply a 4 kilowatt soundsystem, 40 channels of front of house remote mixing (via a 45 meter loom) using Yamaha O1V, three stage monitors, 2 Pioneer CDJ 1000 mk3s & DJM800 mixer plus 2 Technics SL1210 mk2 Vinyl turntables with Concorde needles, full band microphones, cables and other assorted things including 2 Martin MAC 250 moving head lights and two American DJ Theatrix LED wash lights, which can be seen working in full affect in the photo above.

Main PA was 2 x DB Technologies Flexsys F315 on top of 2 x DB Technologies DVAS09 bass bins (1K per box), all of which ran through DBX driverack on Van Damme cables. The monitors on stage were 3 x DB Flexsys F10 and then an additional DB Opra Live 405 for the dedicated DJ monitor. Shure wireless microphones and Shure SM58, AKG C1000s, AKG d112, AKG C418, Sennheiser E845 and Shure SM57 microphones took care of all other tasks from vocals to guitar cabinets. Beyer Dynamic mic stands ensured all mics stayed where they were wanted and a Zoom H4N provided 1st class audio recording.


The event was a huge success with a lot of money being raised for the main charity, the RNLI. The profile of the event was raised significantly thanks to the help of numerous social media outlets and also through conventional press, for example with this article on Crastonbury appearing in the Journal. This piece was organised by DurhamEvents, as was a great deal of the promo to do with the event.  This event is now planned to be a regular event taking place every year on this busy weekend. Durham Events is responsible for curating the event as well as running it, and the acts booked were carefully considered before they were included in the running order. The atmosphere is a very important part of this event and our brief was to keep the music interesting but diverse, hence visitors heard everything from Reggae to Funk and rock with some genuine Hip Hop thrown in to the equation. The second day of the event saw a serious lineup of top class DJs play back to back sets, one of which you can hear at the bottom of this page.

Here’s a few more shots showing some of the things we provided which made the event such a success:

Crastonbury festival in Beadnell Northumberland

Crastonbury 2011


For more photographs you can visit the Craster Arms website, or visit the Craster Arms Hotel Flickr group


This is the largest undertaking Durham Events are currently responsible for and demonstrates our ability to provide everything for professional bands and DJs in a single day, as well as catering to high spec riders from serious international artists (in the shape of the Cuban Brothers). The total number of people to visit Crastonbury in 2011 was around 1500+.


Durham Events also provided audio recordings of several of the acts who appeared at Crastonbury using a high quality Zoom H4N, which also provided the audio for the forthcoming Cuban Brothers Video footage shot on the night of the event (coming soon). Some of these recordings can be heard here:

Live acts:

Atlantic B3


Livewire Featuring Karen Harding


DJ Matty Forster

What an event, what an atmosphere!

Good Vibes at Crastonbury

Crastonbury 2011 crowd scene

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