© 2011 james Laser 3.14 Hoults Yard Newcastle Show

Laser 3.14 at Unit #44 , Hoults Yard Newcastle

We supplied a 4.6 killwatt sound system to the launch parties & subsequent gallery show featuring Laser 3.14’s work. Check out the Laser 3.14 blog article from Unit#44.

The project for the Laser show started with some well thought out photography work on the behalf of the gallery owners, who took the concept of graffiti poetry and beamed some essential tag lines on to famous landmarks around Newcastle. You can read the blog article on how they did this through their site, but this is probably the most striking image from the pre show promo…

Angel of the North with a Laser 3.14 motif

Angel of the North with a Laser 3.14 motif as created by Unit 44

The brief was simple in terms of the sound system required: it needs to sound massive when it’s playing in the background. The bottom line is that to get a good mix between coverage and big sound you need some muscle in your system, so this is what we went with.

Sound equipment from Durham Events

Medium Conference Sound System

A total of 4.6 kilowatts of power in 6 boxes, all controlled through a Pioneer DJM800 (in the flight case on top of the Vinyl shelves in the left hand shot, we supplied this along with 2 x CDJ1000s) and EQ’d with a DBX Driverack PX (behind the stack in the right shot). As the system was being used for nothing more than background music, and knowing that most of it was going to be from a computer playing MP3’s, we set the EQ up to be very hyped in the low & high end. The overall sound was exactly as you would expect- warm and powerful but totally unobtrusive to conversation.

DB Technologies Flexsys F10

Small lightweight conference speakers

With this particular venue being long and thin we used the lightweight properties of the Flexsys F10 speakers to add coverage to the main display area (right hand side of the right hand shot- exposed brick wall). Thanks to them being only 12kg they sat unsupported on the bookshelves. These speakers have a great neutral sound and wide dispersion so are perfect for this kind of job. Using these speakers like this also meant we could keep maximum floor space for people visiting the show, and important factor in the increasingly popular Unit44 shows.

The main stack was 2 x DB technologies DVA S09 with one Flexsys F315 on top, with a crossover point of 150hz. The other Flexsys F315 was placed on top of the dark room at the other end of the room and ran full frequency. These 315’s are pretty versatile as well as they are capable of running high SPL while retaining full frequency response thanks to their 3 way design, one 15 inch bass driver, then a 6 inch mid driver coupled to a 1 inch compression driver. With the gallery owners looking for an authoritative sound stacking the 2 x 1 kilowatt subwoofers was a good way to go- instantly adding 3dB of bass just through acoustic coupling.

We also supplied a set of 3 American DJ Theatrix Pro 48 LED wash lights which were used to apply colour wash across the entire roof of the venue. Photos of this coming soon, apparently it looked stunning! These wash lights can really throw out some colour and have all of the advantages of being LED- lightweight, low power consumption, relatively small. They are a very useful set of lights!

The show itself was a big success, the team sold large quantities of their limited run prints and even managed to shift a few of the more expensive works which included, appropriately, laser cut offerings.

Laser 3.14 Hoults Yard Newcastle Show

Laser 3.14 Hoults Yard Newcastle Show

A big success for all parties involved!

Here’s the feature on the limited run invites to the event.




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