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Festival & Special Event Sound Hire: KV2 Double ES System

We have just taken delivery of a duplicate KV2 ES System which is an identical copy of the system we purchased at the end of 2012. It’s with great pleasure that we are now able to provide soundsystems for events with audiences up to 2000 people from our own stock of equipment, and we have been blown away by the performance of the combined system during testing.

The KV2 ES series is a very solid and capable professional soundsystem which is great to mix live band music on as well as having plenty of thump when it comes to dance music. With 8 x ES1.8 18″ subwoofers combined with the 4 x ES1.0 tops there is little this relatively compact system can not do with audiences numbering from 400 to 2000 in front of it, and there are very VERY few 10,000 watt soundsystems which can match the output of this configuration.

This represents the top end of Point Source sound technology and is a rider compliant configuration for any touring sound application where the numbers fall under 2000, both in and outdoors.

Please contact us if you would like to hear a demo of this system or any other soundsystem in our collection.

Festival Soundsystem, County Durham Festival Sound, Soundsystems for large parties.

The Durham Events Big Rig, a KV2 Double ES.

The configuration is 4 x ES1.0 tops and 8 x ES 1.8 bins with 4 x rackmounted EPAK2500r amplifiers. This system comes with all the requisite amphenol cables (van damme 4x 4.0mm tour grade cable for the ES1.8 bass sections and Van Damme 6 x 2.5mm tour grade cable for the ES1.0) and also a 32amp 3 phase power supply if required.

This soundsystem does require at least a 32amp (240 volt) power supply to be guaranteed maximum possible performance, cables for power distribution are also included in the price which is:

£600 per day dry hire.

£700 + delivery at £.50p per mile including operator/ technician for a day.

Any questions, get in touch!

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