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RCF TT25 cxa Floor Monitors

Floor Monitor Upgrade!

Our latest addition to the hire stock catalogue are four of the new version of RCF’s touring grade TT series floor monitors, the excellent TT25 cxa vII. If you’ve had the pleasure of hearing any of RCF’s TT series of speakers then you will know that they are all well rounded and powerful speakers, and these floor monitors are no exception. Suitable for a number of touring applications from main vocal foldback, drum fills or side fills, and even as front of house on some smaller setups (with subwoofers).

Rent Floor monitors, hire RCF TT foldback.

The RCF TT 25 cxa Floor Monitor. Compact, powerful, reliable touring grade monitoring.

The coaxial design of these is what sets them apart from many speaker designs. With 60* conical dispersion, it mean that performers hear the speakers more consistently in their performance area, and the dispersion characteristic is also more feedback resistant than a separate main driver/ compression driver 2 way setup, more often found in speakers which are not designed primarily for monitoring duties. In our opinion, these monitors will surprise you with their clarity of mid range frequencies, and surprisingly articulate lower midrange for a 15″ woofer. RDNet ready for bigger touring applications, these are a very good solution to simple high powered stage monitoring.

We have 4 of these in stock, and have¬†used them on numerous stages with glowing reviews from some high profile artists. They are supplied with RCF’s own custom designed ‘live- in’ cover for ease of transportation and some protection from the elements (where required).


Foldback Wedges for touring sound.

RCF TT25 cxa floor monitors, for great stage sound.

Contact us if you’re interested in hearing or hiring these excellent monitors.


Priced at £40/ day per monitor.

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