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We have added to our our collection of portable staging recently, with more of our trusty Revostage/ Intellistage products which have proven themselves to be a very versatile & reliable staging system over the years.

We have 6 pieces of staging in total, sized:

4 in total sized 2m x 1m £20 per section including risers.

2 in total sized 1m x 1m £20 per section including risers.

The 1m x 1m sections of this stage are foldable, so pack down to an extremely compact 1m x 50cm x 8cm sized sections, which means they fit easily in the boot of a small car, yet also manage to be very sturdy when laid out for a performance.

We have 30cm risers for the 2×2 sections, and a choice of 20cm or 30cm risers for the 1m x 1m sections. The two 1m x 1m sections are finished in grey carpet, and the others have hard wearing black non-slip vinyl. Here’s a few images of 2 pieces the 1m x 1m stage, ideal for solo performers or recitals:

Stage Hire, Portable Staging, Bandstand

Durham Events Portable Stage

Each piece of this stage locks in to the adjoining part of stage, and so you can configure it in a number of different shapes depending on your usage. Check out this illustration to get an idea of what we can offer:

Stage setups from Durham Events. Using Intellistage, Revostage, Litradeck, Performance STages, Band Stage

Here you can see the stage configured as a 4m wide by 2m deep configuration, perfect for DJ’s, live performers and trio’s. Got more questions? Give us a call.

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