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We have a wide collection of systems to suit every occasion.


Our largest system is a 10,000 watt groundstacked system comprising 4 stacks of KV2 ES soundsystem. It is suitable for events which required long term high sound pressure levels and solid bass reproduction coupled to medium- long throw dispersion high end reproduction (ie the sound needs to travel over a crowd for 20- 50 meters).  This rig creates a very powerful & efficient system which is ideal for indoor dance music events up to 1000 people and outdoor band/ live music events for similar numbers depending on the venue.

Festival Soundsystem, County Durham Festival Sound, Soundsystems for large parties.

The Durham Events Big Rig, a KV2 Double ES.


DB Technologies Speakers

Hire professional speakers from Durham Events for you party or event.

At Durham Events we understand that different clients have different requirements. That’s why we carry a wide selection of different equipment to be able to cater for a number of different sound stages. In the above image you can see some of our inventory, including DB Technologies Flexsys F10 and F12 speakers alongside DB Technologies Opera Live 402 speakers. We also have RCF TT series speakers, RCF ART series speakers and a few Mackie boxes. We have big systems capable of providing coverage for audiences up to 1000 people outdoors, but can also supply systems with a small footprint suitable for wide coverage- perfect for conferencing and corporate events. For more information please get in touch and we will see if we can meet your requirements.


Speaker inventory from Durham Events

Speaker inventory from Durham EventsFrom small band gigs and parties right through to large scale corporate hospitality work we have what is needed to get your message across.

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