DJ Equipment

Durham events supply DJ equipment. We have 6 x CDJ2000 nexus, 2 x CDJ900, 2 x DJM700 1 x DJM850-K & 2 x DJM900 nexus, and 1 x DJM900 NXS2 Pioneer mixers, all flight cased and ready for use. We supply these with cables to connect to any sound system. We also have over 10 different configurations of sound systems capable of providing coverage for small parties through to 1000 strong festivals.


All prices are exclusive of delivery, setup & collection charges, which are charged at approximately 50p per mile for delivery and between £10 and £50 depending on the rig.

Pioneer CD2000 £70 per day

Pioneer CDJ1000 mk3 £30 per day

Pioneer DJM700/850/900/ 900 NXS2 mixers £30/40/50/60 per day

Technics SL1210 (x 4) Vinyl turntables £40 per day

Ortofon Concorde DJ/ Nightclub needles £5 per day


Speaker solutions (all systems include appropriate stands, cables and ipod/ iphone connectivity)


Here’s a sample of a few alternative system setups:

Flexsys & DVA sound equipment

dB Technologies Flexsys & DVA sound equipment


Small DJ system/ ipod party system for indoor parties up to 50:

2 x dB Technologies Opera 405 (15″ 128 dB max SPL speakers).

1 x small mixer (for connecting ipod etc)

Price: £60

Medium DJ system, for indoor parties up to 100

2 x DB Technologies Opera Live 402 (12″ 127 dB max SPL)

1 x RCF905AS 15″ 1000 watt subwoofer (15″ sub 131 dB max SPL)


Medium Outdoor System for up to 150

2 x RCF 722AS 12″ 750watt speakers

1 x dB Technologies Flexsys f10 DJ monitor on speaker stand

2 x RCF 905AS


Large indoor/ Medium Outdoor/ Small festival for up to 300

2 x RCF 745 ART High power 15″ two way active speakers

2 x dB Technologies Flexsys f10 DJ monitor

4 x dB Technologies DVA S09 Subwoofer (15 inch, 4000 watt, 143dB max spl)



Outdoor Festival, Very large indoor party, indoor Dance music event up to 400.

KV2 ES 5000 watt rig, comprising 4 x ES 1.8 subs & 2 x ES 1.0 tops driven by 2 x EPAK 2500R rack amps. This is a horn loaded high definition soundsystem suitable for indoor or outdoor use where getting the sound to the back of the room is essential.

For more bass heavy requirements we can add anything from our other stock to this system to supplement on stage or configure delay stacks.

Comes complete with all cables.

£300 plus delivery & install.



Take the above rig, add another one the same.

KV2 Double ES Rig- for serious dance music events and extremely large parties. For touring bands and top 40 performers. For events with more than 300 people on a dancefloor.

4 x EPAK 2500R amps

4 x ES1.0 tops

8 x ES1.8 bins

All associated cables.

Price: £650 plus delivery & install.


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