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Fright Night: Halloween at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art


Fancy dress at Baltic



Fright Night at Gateshead’s fantastic Baltic Mill was a night to remember…!

With a crowd of terrifying people enjoying the beautiful views of the Tyne from the Riverside events space and fantastic prizes on offer for the best dressed it is no surprise that there was a carnival atmosphere about the event.

Events at the Baltic are run in house by Fresh Element who have a dedicated team of event organisers, and their enthusiasm for throwing great parties really helps with this sort of event. That staff enthusiasm was tested to the full with the challenge of collecting enough autumn leaves from Jesmond Dene to cover the entire floor area the afternoon before the event! It added up to a fantastic original & inexpensive effect, but did also result in us having to pick leaves out of our equipment for months!

Durham events have sound systems for many different occasions but this event was specifically all about DJs, so we used a 2.5 kilowatt rig based on RCF & DB Technologies equipment. This gave good power to the DJ but also kept the system footprint very small which was essential as the event was extremely busy.

At this event there was a crowd of 3- 500 people (all in fancy dress!). This would be described as a large party, and the equipment required for this is the minimum for DJ led events of this size. We can supply this equipment as a dry hire, or as in this case we can supply the equipment, come to the venue and set it up and also source a DJ.

Revellers at Fright Night!

Prizes for the best dressed outfits included dinner in the ultra cool Six restaurant (upstairs in the Baltic) and various other extravagances including champagne for the best group of costumes and there were even a few beauty treatment prizes- just what the girls needed after all the back combed hair! If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat the competition then come along to the next party!

Durham Events Halloween party

Durham Events at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art


The kit:

  1. 2 x DB technology Opera 402 + 2 x RCF905 as subs- 2.5kW rig
  2. 2 x Pioneer CDJ1000mk3s + Pioneer DJM700 + ipod cable + flight case
  3. DJ lighting stand + three light rig + 3d laser + smoke machine (hazer)
  4. DJ

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